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At ShillGPT, we specialize in advanced shilling and raiding services. Shilling involves creating and posting dialogues in Telegram channels and chats, as well as on Twitter, using thousands of real accounts. Raiding is similar but focuses on engaging and energizing conversations within these platforms. Our AI technology enables us to replicate realistic and engaging dialogues, helping to increase brand awareness and trust by leveraging authentic interactions rather than paid advertisements or post. This strategy helps to improve your brand’s reputation and fosters genuine engagement with your audience.

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What is shilling and raiding?

Shilling is a marketing strategy where we create and post dialogues and messages in Telegram channels, chats, and on Twitter (X) using thousands of real accounts. This helps engage new audiences, increase brand awareness, and build trust, as people are more likely to believe other people rather than paid advertisements. We work on improving your reputation by fostering genuine conversations about your brand.

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Replication lies at the core of our shilling services. With our ChatGPT and Claude AI model capabilities, we replicate authentic and engaging dialogues in chats, groups, and channels across Telegram, Twitter (X) and Discord. This replication enables your brand to deliver a consistent and impactful message to your target audience, generating interest, sparking conversations, and fostering engagement.

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Our newsjacking strategies allow us to involve your brand in trending topics, breaking news or viral conversations. By leveraging the latest developments, we inject your brand’s voice into ongoing discussions, providing an opportunity to capture the attention of a larger audience. Through strategic content creation and dissemination, we ensure your brand stays relevant and generates buzz within the dynamic landscape of social media platforms.

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Effective copywriting is a crucial aspect of successful shilling and raiding. Our team of experienced copywriters crafts compelling and persuasive content that resonates with your audience, driving action and eliciting the desired response. From engaging headlines to captivating descriptions, we ensure that every piece of content we create reflects your brand’s identity and conveys your message with clarity and impact.



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Our Telegram shilling service is designed to maximize engagement and reach within the platform. With our AI models based on ChatGPT and Claude.AI capabilities, we replicate authentic dialogs in chats, groups, and channels, capturing the attention of your target audience. We put reactions on messages and posts, fostering lively discussions and ensuring your message is heard.


Twitter (X)

Leverage the immense reach of Twitter with our Twitter shilling service. Our expert team will retweet, add reactions, and replicate discussion dialogues for tweets, amplifying your brand’s message. This approach not only raises awareness but also drives conversations and sparks interest, making a lasting impact on your audience.

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Engage with interest groups and communities on Discord using our shilling service. Our ChatGPT and Claude AI capabilities enable us to replicate dialogues, add reactions, and create dynamic interactions that foster meaningful conversations. This helps you connect with your audience on a deeper level, increasing engagement and trust.



from 0.08$ per action

Replication of:
   * Dialogs
   * Messages
   * Reactions

We replicate engaging dialogs and posts in chats, groups and channels on Telegram, Twitter and Discord.
Put reactions on posts to generate engagement and enhance the visibility of your content.

The Basic Plan provides the essential shilling services you need to convey your message effectively and reach a larger audience. Perfect for those have expertise in.



from 0.11 per action

All from the Basic, plus posting:
  * Images
  * Animations
  * Links

We enhance your shilling strategy by including visuals and relevant links in your replicated content. This helps to capture attention and drive more meaningful interactions.

The Advanced Plan is designed for clients who want to take their shilling efforts to the next level by incorporating multimedia elements and expanding the reach of their content.



from 0.16 per action

All from the Advanced, plus:
  * Turnkey solution
  * AI ChatGPT capabilities
  * Private marketer and copywriter

For those seeking a comprehensive and fully integrated shilling solution, our Expert plan offers an all-inclusive package to maximize your brand's visibility and engagement.

With the Expert plan, you'll receive a turnkey solution that combines cutting-edge technology, personalized support, and expertly crafted content to achieve remarkable results.




Messages posted per day

With our shilling expertise, your message will reach a vast audience, ensuring effective communication and engagement.


Reactions posted per day

We generate authentic responses and interactions that captivate audiences and enhance your online presence


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Our team has providing them with exceptional shilling services tailored to their specific needs and objectives



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leveraging guerrilla marketing, partisan marketing, and hidden sales tactics to amplify your message and create meaningful connections.



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